Everyone Thinks Anthony Como’s New Job is a Payoff


“Queens GOP for sale: $172,311” says the Daily Gotham, referring to the big-ticket job as a NYCHA commissioner that former councilmember and longtime Queens Republican functionary Anthony Como just got from Mayor Bloomberg. They think it’s “part of the price Michael Bloomberg is paying in exchange for Queens GOP support” — which he received in April. Elizabeth Benjamin of the Daily News also spots this coincidence. The Post says it’s a “patronage plum.” Basically, everyone looks at the appointment as nothing more than a stark payoff.

Como only served briefly on the council, getting the seat in a special election last June and losing in November to Liz Crowley. During his brief tenure he mainly distinguished himself by accumulating housing violations with his ugly Middle Village home and, oh yeah, voting to overthrow term limits so the mayor could run in this year’s election.

Como saw it coming, too: the Queens Chronicle, in reporting Tom Ognibene’s run against Crowley (and his endorsement by Mike Bloomberg), notes Ognibene’s way was smoothed by Como’s decision not to run, as “party sources said he is being considered for an appointed position within city government.”

That this proposed housing official has had trouble with own house isn’t lost on his detractors, either. “Maybe he’ll be able to pay off his fines and legalize his McMansion now,” says Queens Crap.