Ex-Rudy Aide Takes the Fifth


Good time Charlie Millard, the former Giuliani economic development chief, went mum yesterday before a Senate committee investigating the federal Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. which Millard headed until earlier this year.

Millard invoked his Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate himself when called before the Senate Special Committee on
Aging. “I have been advised by my counsel that
I should invoke my constitutional rights and decline to answer any and
all questions from the committee on this matter,” he said several times in response to questions.

The committee is looking into the sinking fortunes of the PBGC which lost billions in the last year. It also wanted to talk to Millard about a report by the agency’s Inspector General on his alleged improper contacts with several giant Wall Street firms that were seeking business with the agency.

Millard ran the city’s Economic Development Corporation under Giuliani where he built a rep for doing out bonuses to aides while city workers were being denied raises, and holding secret meetings with lobbyists. He was appointed to head the PGBC by President GWB. Photo via