He Shot Andy Warhol


The famed artist/marketer was photographed by Marcus Leatherdale in the ’80s for Hidden Identities, Leatherdale’s monthly page in the then-downtowny Details magazine, whereby notables from the in crowd gave off their customary star power while covering their faces to make it sort of an interactive guessing game. It was basically the photographic predecessor to my mind-nagging blind items.

Well, Hidden Identities is now a book (which you can purchase on, with Warhol on the cover, looking more identifiable than ever. You can totally tell it’s him from the dramatically shy pose, the askew wig, and the really nice watch! But Andy, darling, we really need you right now–to bring some perspective to the spiraling world economy and to tell us how to market poverty, not to mention to throw some fabulous parties as a distraction from panic. Stop hiding and speak to us! I know you’re still in the building with Elvis, Judy, and Marilyn! Help us, oh patron saint of crafty commercialization!

(P.S.: All through the ’80s, I didn’t realize that WAS a wig on Andy. And you thought Carrie Prejean was dumb.)