Sara Lee Sues Oscar Mayer (No, Really!) & Best Business Class Bites


Sara Lee is suing Oscar Mayer for an ad in which consumers say Oscar Mayer hot dogs are better than Sara Lee’s Ball Park franks. Lee calls the ads “false and misleading.”

New research shows that salmonella loves sugar. Win one for man against the food poisoning bug: the discovery could help us create a vaccine against salmonella. Then we could all go back to eating undercooked chicken and not washing our vegetables.
[Australian Food News]

Esquire rounds up the best business class snacks, from Cathay Pacific’s warm honey-glazed BBQ pork bun made with tangy pork and homemade hoisin sauce to Midwest Airlines’ warm chocolate chip cookies.

The Post rounds up the best cheap hours, serving up such non-budget treats as bluepoint oysters, big burgers with fries, and pork-belly sliders, all for under $5 a pop.
[NY Post]