Springsteen Affair Claim Continues to Generate Cute Headlines


Over the past five weeks, the New York Post has done us the favor of assiduously reporting on Ann Kelly, 44, who was allegedly HAVING AN “AFFAIR” WITH THE BOSS, that is, Bruce Springsteen. They noted that at an April 10 show Springsteen’s wife, Patty Scialfa, was KISSING UP TO THE BOSS, that is, STANDING BY HER MAN as she “wrapped her arms around the Boss’s engines” in concert rather than hitting him on the head with a rolling pin. Expectedly, GAL DENIES BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN AFFAIR, and Kelly, who was in the process of divorcing her husband, understandably asked the court to seal her proceedings, but the DIVORCE OF BRUCE’S ‘OTHER WOMAN’ was to TO STAY OPEN. Meanwhile ‘BOSS GAL’ WAS TALK OF TOWN and ALL KNEW MARRIAGE WAS SHOT; it was alleged that a Jersey health club was where the BOSS “AFFAIR” GYMNASTICS took place. On April 17 Kelly told the court MY HUSBAND TRYSTED THE FACTS, that is, made the story up in order to retaliate for her restraining order against him. The Post continued to provide pictures of Kelly in which the BRUCE BABE was A ‘DEAR’ IN SPOTLIGHT.

Today we are told of a FLINGSTEEN $HOCK — that is, “HUBBY WANTED BRUCE BUCKS” — that is, Kelly claims her husband made the story up to extort money out of Springsteen. Photo (cc) Andrea Sartorati.