Giada Speaks About Frenemy Rachael Ray; Ground Beef Recalled


Giada De Laurentiis told Redbook that the rumor about the rivalry between herself and Rachael Ray is not true. “Do we hang out all the time? No. Are we best friends? No,” says the Food Network star, but she claims to have no beef with Rach.

The latest in food safety scares: beef. A meatpacker in Illinois recalled 95,898 pounds of ground-beef products after E. coli infections connected to the product were discovered. The meat was sold under such brand names as Grillmaster, Klub, and Thick ‘N Savory.
[NY Times]

A Utah ice cream shop called Sub Zero freezes its scoops using liquid nitrogen. At minus 320 degrees F, liquid nitrogen can cause glass to shatter and metal to crack… so, how does the ice cream taste?
[Popular Mechanics]

City comptroller William C. Thompson Jr. says Costco should accept food stamps. Other food chains, like Wal-Mart, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s all accept them, but Costco does not. Thompson is trying to use his influence as a shareholder representative to persuade the company to change its policy.
[NY Times]

A guerilla filmmaker is using the same concept as Starbucks is using in its multi-million dollar ad campaign to promote his anti-Starbucks film. Robert Greenwald’s documentary can be found on YouTube and is being promoted on Twitter.