Meet Trey Bananastasio and His Good Friend Goudacris


What’s that, you don’t have Summer Fridays, either? Yeah, so here is Food’lebrities, a blog of deliciously absymal celebrity puns that will be, realistically, the only other thing on the Internet besides Facebook and Assteroids that you’ll be able deal with for what’s left in the day. Credit/blame at least partially goes to Alex Billig of Brooklyn band the Eskalators, who somehow got a Washington Post food blog to devote a whole 700-plus words to this eyerolling ridiculousness last week. If Dennis Whopper, Olivia Crouton-John, and Milk Shake Guevara aren’t your cup of Ice Tea (oh God), you are encouraged to submit your own. “I’m actually considering making a blog of rejected food’lebrities, because often times they are funnier than the real ones,” Billig told the Post. Can’t hardly wait. In the meantime, here is Goudacris:

Zach is so gonna stab me.