Memorial Day OUTRAGE! Obama Will “Apologize for WWII,” Say Rightbloggers


Here’s your latest crazy pill from the rightbloggers:

Obama’s going to Germany in June, where he will visit the site of the Buchenwald camp, which his uncle helped to liberate, and also Dresden, which the U.S. carpet-bombed in the War.

Pajamas Media correspondent John Rosenthal suggests that, because the “symbolic significance of a visit to Dresden” is obvious to all Germans, it’s a cinch Obama is going to “Apologize for WWII.”

Want more proof? “The principal sponsor of Obama’s literary career has been Germany’s Bertelsmann Corporation,” says Ronsenthal. Bertelsmann also spreads its Nazi treason via its Random House imprint, which sells such pro-Nazi propaganda as Oh, The Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss and the American Heritage Dictionary.

The cry goes up throughout the asylums! Atlas Shrugs and Babalu run photos of the warriors’ cemeteries that Obama will defile with his hymn to Hitler. “The official word is that he will ‘recognize German suffering.'” Says Obama Fail, “which clearly is liberal codespeak for ‘bend over backwards showing how terrible America is and how sorry we are for making the world safe.'”

Don Surber takes the sneaky way in, saying that “Bloggers are wondering if President Obama’s trip to Dresden is to apologize to the Germans for World War 2” before declaring, “Screw Dresden.”

“Hopefully,” says Gateway Pundit, “there is at least one politician out there who has the stones to say something before Obama spits on America in Dresden” — so if Obama doesn’t apologize for World War II, it’s only because one of his fascist handlers though better of it.

“Simple mistake, right? All is forgiven because he is The One,” roars Jammie Wearing Fool. “Nice message, huh? Sure, you killed millions of people in the most hideous ways imaginable, but hey, we weren’t any better.” “I’m starting to suspect Obama doesn’t like Jews,” says Ace of Spades.

You literally can tell these people anything about Obama, no matter how crazy, and if it’s bad they’ll believe it.