Memorial Day Weekend Must-Haves (Not Really)


Planning on breaking out the BBQ this weekend? Perhaps. Gearing up for some midday suds? Definitely. Check out these fun and deliciously superfluous gadgets to spice up your holiday weekend

You never can find a beer when you need one. Avoid the problem entirely by wearing your brewskies around your waist. The Beer Belt is available at UrbanOufitters for $18.
[via LA Times]

Who has time to wait for hot tea to chill out? Make iced tea at the touch of a button with this Iced Tea Maker for sale at Target for $30.
[via CNET]

Why flip burgers with a plain old boring spatula when you can flip with flair using a shiny BBQ Sword Spatula. Rolo World Store has them for just under $40. On garde!
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