Posts of the Week


Welcome to this particularly sweet Friday afternoon, with the prospect of a lovely three day weekend in front of us. Here are some of our favorite posts from the week that was. See you on Tuesday.

We brought you a Brunch Report on Beacon, where you’ll find as good an excuse to drink in the afternoon as any: a truly stellar wood-roasted-tomato Bloody Mary.

We discovered that Clover Club is featuring two new cocktails in homage to the first black cocktail writer.

We sung the praises of the offal that’s easiest to love: calf’s liver.

We talked to event emcee Josh Ozersky about why the wrong meatball won the Meatball Melee of the Boroughs.

We interviewed Miho Fujita, president of the Mioya Brewery Co. in Ishikawa, Japan, and found out that sake isn’t a man’s world anymore.

We noshed local coppa from Faicco’s.