Three Great Moments in Duff McKagan’s Recent Seattle Weekly Column About His Overwhelmingly Conflicted Week


1. “[Nikki Sixx and I] talked about the upcoming Cruefest, and he told me that they would be performing the Dr. Feelgood record from beginning to end. He also reminded me of a time that I drove his Maserati and put a scratch in it. (I don’t even remember driving any Maserati. EVER!) I was a wee bit embarrassed to say the least.”

2. “On Monday night, my phone rang at home (nobody calls me at home anymore). My wife picked up and said it was for me. Apparently I had given the OK at some point to appear live on a hour-long financial AM radio show in Los Angeles (not a small market!). So there I was, live on the radio, with the host immediately peppering me with pretty pointed questions on my thoughts for economic recovery.”

3. “Later that week, I got to experience one of the proudest moments in my life when my daughter Grace got up and sang a song with me at a school fundraiser. I thought I was going to start bawling, but rock dudes don’t cry (unless they watch The Notebook or that Tiger movie that came out back in 2001).”

Also, if you missed Duff’s band Loaded on Tuesday, only three things to say to you: “Dust N’ Bones,” “It’s So Easy,” and “So Fine.” That’s right.

[“Duff McKagan: It’s Been That Kind of a Week”]