Traitor Obama Greeted with Applause, Chest-Bump at Annapolis


Oh look, the President gave a commencement address at Annapolis today. Apparently it went really well, and Meghan McCain, whose brother was in the graduating class, tweets, “Someone just chestbumped the President…the President was cool about it :-)” But we thought servicemembers were supposed to despise Obama. He did tell the U.S. Naval Academy grads he would “maintain America’s military dominance and keep you the finest fighting force the world has ever seen,” but how can he do that without torture and Gitmo? (Tweets Denice Bruce, “WHAT? No SHOWDOWN? Obama’s speech at Annapolis could have been balanced by Cheney, yelling at a boat, or something?”) Great God, has he even got the young swabbies brainwashed? His cult of personality is stronger than we thought!