Week in Review: “I Am the Best Filmmaker in the World.”


In the week that both Zach and Roxy Cottontail celebrated their birthdays, Rob posted a great moment in Wu-based subway-ad vandalism that became a whole shitload of peoples’ Facebook profile images (looking at you, Dan), plus we announced more Siren Festival performers (Spank Rock, Japandriods) and the winners of the 2009 Obie Awards.

Ah, what else happened? David Byrne’s new EP streamed. So did the Electrik Red record. Amazon sold Passion Pit’s new record for $2.99 (only one day, sorry). Eminem sold what these days is considered a shit-ton of records. Zach documented the first of what will presumably be thousands of hilarious sentences written about Lars von Trier’s Antichrist. J. Hoberman actually saw Antichrist and documented von Trier saying, “I am the best filmmaker in the world.” Hoberman also saw the most hated movie in Cannes (surprise, it’s wasn’t the one with genital mutilation) and Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds . And then he handicapped the competition.

We told you the story behind why Redman and Method Man performed on Jimmy Fallon without the Roots. We discussed how (and how not to) talk about Sri Lankan Civil War and M.I.A. in the same sentence. Not so delicate, Bill O’Reilly called Adam Lambert the “Might-Be-Gay Guy”. Sharyn Jackson blogged the American Idol finale. Adam Lambert did not win.

There was more dancing on the exhausted ashes of CBGB and entertaining dispatches from the set of The Girlfriend Experience. The Atlantic introduced Eminem to Obama. Rolling Stone brought its notoriously contemporary and up-to-the-minute touch to video. A cuddly vampire from Twilight is going to play Black Metal murderer Varg Vikernes in Lords of Chaos adaptation.

We interviewed Marduk’s Morgan Hakansson about returning to the U.S. after eight years, St. Vincent about seizures, and White Rabbits on recording with Spoon’s Britt Daniel, opening for the Pogues, and playing basketball with the Walkmen. We pointed you to the most awkward Vampire Weekend interview ever.

Live, the Vaselines showed off their Monsterpussy. Monotonix performed sleaze-rock acrobatics at Europa. Dan Deacon welcomed summer with open arms at Bowery Ballroom. Two nights later at the same place, Green Day played God. Japanther played the Sculpture Garden in Queens, then geared up for Upstairs at the Square. Duff McKagan played three Guns ‘N Roses songs when his band Loaded headlined the Gramercy Theater. (All the ones he used to sing lead vocals on, FWIW.)

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See you next, er, day after Monday.