Your Memories Of Hitting Puberty?


Reaching puberty was so memorable for me that I don’t think it’s ever been surpassed as a landmark in my life–except maybe for seeing Fantasia in The Color Purple. As I remember it, all in a matter of moments the world became exciting, throbbing, thrilling, terrifying, confusing, and very wet.

And years later, I realized that everyone hits that hormonal hurdle in wildly different ways. Porn person Michael Lucas recently told me he attained pubescence when he started getting off on the flow of bathtub water spraying accidentally onto his penis. When the young Lucas first orgasmed as a result of this adventure, he was scared shitless because he had no idea what that white stuff was, but obviously he liked the sensation, so he kept running to the faucet for more! A few years later, his tool became his most prized possession, not to mention his livelihood–all thanks to a little bathtub geyser.

And how did you first explode into adulthood? Do you still tingle from head to toe just thinking about it? Has it been downhill ever since?