Ex-Wife, Seeking Ex-Husband’s Money, Disputes 45-Year-Old Divorce


In a Brooklyn court, a woman tried to get a judge to invalidate her dead husband’s second marriage so she could claim his estate — even though the two had been separated since 1964 and the man had been with his second wife for thirty years. The woman had never said anything them still being married during his lifetime.

Mary Dolman Chin married Victor Chin in 1955. They were married for ten years, and had two children.

In May, 1965, Victor Chin married a woman named Monica. The second marriage continued for thirty years, up until Victor’s death on January 10, 1995. Victor and Monica had four children.

When Victor died, he left his money (we don’t know how much, but it must be something worth fighting for) to all his six children and to Monica, who was the executor of his will.

Twelve years after this death, Mary demanded rights to his estate on the grounds that the two had never divorced. Turns out Victor and Mary did get divorced — in 1964, in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. But Mary said the Mexican divorce document was a fraud. (The U.S does recognize Mexican divorces.)

The whole thing appears rather suspicious, and the judge dismissed Mary’s dubious-seeming claims. Glad to know people are putting the court system to good use.