Happy Memorial Day; East Side Starbucks Blown Up


Today is a national day of observance and Federal holiday honoring America’s fallen warriors. It seems unjust that they get only a moment of silence and we get a long weekend of barbecues and whatnot, but then this is an unjust world. Today is also the last day of Fleet Week; if you want to honor the dead, an act of kindness toward their living successors might be one way to do it.

The Brooklyn Memorial Day Parade starts at 11:00 a.m. at 87th Street and Third Avenue, along which it runs to Marine Avenue and Fourth, then to 101st Street at John Paul Jones Park. This is the 142nd year the Parade has marched; it is said to be the nation’s oldest continuous run parade. Other local observances here.

Also someone bombed a Starbucks at 92nd and Third around 3:30 this morning, blowing out its windows. The sort of folks who always suspect terror do so in this case. We suspect someone just got fed up with their shitty, expensive coffee.