But For the Grace of God: Man Jaywalks in Brooklyn, is Killed


Spare a thought for Matthew Smolovich, 25, a Brooklyn photographer who came out from between parked cars this morning to cross a Crown Heights street and was struck and killed by a school mini-bus. Vos iz Neias says Smolovich was carrying “a Canon 5D with a 16X35 lens” as he stepped into the street; perhaps he was planning a shot, or thinking of his next one. He was ten feet from the crosswalk when the bus hit him. The driver has not been charged and is not expected to be.

Reacting to a recent, similar pedestrian death, Streetsblog asked, “Is Death an Appropriate Penalty for “Jaywalking”? Of course not, but nonetheless, every once in a while one of us jaywalkers gets it. Safe home, folks.