City Grabs More Willets Point Land; Now Has About 65%


Opponents of the Willets Point land-grab — by which the city is acquiring as much of the Iron Triangle out by Citi Field as possible, in preparation for bold new civic improvement plans — are on the ropes, and the city keeps gaining. The New York City Economic Development Corp announces that it has signed agreements with 126 Willets Point Boulevard LLC and German Diaz Auto Repair, increasing its share of Willets Point to about 65 percent. They promise to “continue to reach out to business and property owners in Willets Point to negotiate fair acquisition agreements” — though the city still retains the right to seize their property by eminent domain, which no doubt weighed in the landowners’ considerations of the EDC’s deal.

“If they really wanted growth at Willets Point,” says Willets Point United Against Eminent Domain Abuse, “they would have provided infrastructure here which would have allowed businesses to expand and thrive. After all, Shulman had 8 years as Borough President to do so and Bloomberg had another 8 years as Mayor to do so. But they would rather see one of their rich developer friends get richer.”

Photo (cc) nickjohnson.