Housemade Replaces Homemade on Menus; Interns Take To Farms


The term “housemade” is replacing the term homemade on restaurant menus around the country to signify the artisanality of a certain food product. A Menupages search reveals that 244 New York restaurants have housemade items on the menu.

A new wave of liberal arts students are heading to farms and fields to complete their internships, from a creative writing student working at a boutique dairy farm to an English major planting peach trees.
[NY Times]

High-fructose corn syrup has about the same amount of fructose as common table sugar, nutritionist Marion Nestle says on her blog. Both sweeteners are about half fructose and half glucose, and both cause metabolic problems if over consumed.
[Food Politics]

The fro-yo wars are on: Pinkberry started delivering frozen yogurt from six of its New York City stores, while Red Mango just introduced new flavor Tangomonium. Both chains had to close stores last year in Southern California, but compared to other food categories, neither has suffered much due to the financial crisis.
[USA Today]

Dr. Daphne Miller prescribes foods to her patients in situations where drugs could cause unwanted side effects. For a cold, instead of a decongestant containing pseudoephedrine, she suggests mushroom ginger soup. Ginger is an excellent decongestant, and mushrooms boost the immune system.
[Washington Post]