Jimmy Breslin Admonishes Avuncular Nat Hentoff


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September 26, 1963, Vol. VIII, No. 49

Columnist Replies

Dear Sir:

In cleaning out my desk today I found an article about me, “Educating the Times, II” (August 15), and the article made me very mad. You see, in the third paragraph the writer, a Mr. Hentoff who I do not know of, used this magnificent word set-up: “avuncular admonition.”

Now I know that only six readers got past that and continued. Which means most people did not get down to the part about me. As I am very sick and want people to look at my name all the time, I resent all of this.

Would you please have a regular writer do something on me next time? I mean, if you use a typewriter for money, you leave all your “avuncular admonitions” back in school. — Jimmy Breslin, New York Herald Tribune

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