MTA Ad Seller Blows $7.5 Million Target; Ad Rates Down


We thought we were seeing an awful lot of Poetry in Motions on the subways lately, and now the Times tells us that Titan Worldwide has failed to meet its $7.5 million target for selling ad space on New York’s subways, buses and commuter trains. Another vendor, CBS Outdoor, says it has had no problem meeting its sales target, but Titan pleads the economy, which it says has also forced rates down — the side of a bus, once going for $1,800 a month, now draws $1,500, says Titan.

Second Avenue Sagas isn’t sweating it too much, but find therein a cautionary message: “The MTA isn’t really relying on advertising revenue for a significant portion of its budget, but the story remains the same: A public transportation agency should not have to attempt to squeeze every last dollar out of advertising just to stay afloat.”

While Transit Blogger agrees the $7.5 million “is a drop in the bucket when compared to the overall numbers,” TB adds, “However, psychologically, this is a big blow to an agency that just can’t seem to win on any financial front lately.”

We suggest the MTA make lemons of lemonade and open the empty spaces to small businesses and individuals who could use some free advertising. We’d love to see ads for hot dog carts, t-shirt makers, and junk shops on the subway. Wouldn’t you? Hand-colored, preferably. Photo (cc) OliverN5.