Opposite-Only Marriage Upheld in California! Protest Tonight!


The California Supreme Court just voted to enforce the injustice that was served when Prop 8 passed thanks to an organized mass of highly devout people determined to repeal gay equal rights. The 18,000 or so couples who were wed in California when it was deemed OK are still married, but shockingly enough it’s now been underlined that no other gays can tie the knot there, even the millions of them that run the entertainment industry!

As a result, tonight’s hoped-for celebration will now be a definite demonstration of protest. Show up at 6 PM at Sheridan Square and be prepared to scream your gay lungs out. And bring an umbrella–judging by the weather reports, God might be punishing us yet again.


NEW YORK CITY (May 26th, 2009) – Today’s California Supreme Court ruling set back the growing movement toward marriage equality for all couples, regardless of gender. Though the court ruling did not dissolve the 18,000+ marriages performed before last year’s election, it did not overturn Proposition 8 thus banning any future marriages for same sex couples in that state.

“While 18,000+ same-sex couples who were legally married per the laws of the State of California are relieved that the court decision today does not invalidate their marriages, they, and the rest of the country, are pained that the thousands and thousands of same-sex couples who want to marry in California now can not. The court had the chance to rule in favor of marriage equality in California, in line with the wishes of a growing majority of Americans. Instead it looked backwards and allows injustice to stand. Since the November election and the Proposition 8 vote, 3 states (Iowa, Vermont, and Maine) now have marriage equality laws for all couples, regardless of gender. Marriage Equality New York (“MENY”) will continue to work ceaselessly to make marriage equality the law in New York and avoid the injustice of Proposition 8.” said Ron Zacchi, Executive Director, Marriage Equality New York.

“If civil rights required a majority vote first, history confirms that many states would not have voted to allow interracial couples to marry. I am confident that in the near future Californians will undo the unfair and unequal treatment same-sex couples live with now.” said Cathy Marino-Thomas, Marriage Equality NY’s Board President. “I have a wife and daughter. Our marriage protects us, and more importantly, protects our daughter. My wife and I are forever grateful that our marriage gives us the same protections and benefits every couple desires.”

Demonstrators in New York will meet at Sheridan Square (7th Ave. and West 4th St.) at 6pm Tuesday, May 26. The march will proceed east to Union Square for a rally to protest the California decision.

Marriage Equality New York is an all inclusive organization whose mission is to secure the right of all couples, regardless of gender, to enter into legally recognized civil marriages, with all the benefits and responsibilities that entails.

For more information go to www.meny.us