The ‘Bag Not Down with Times Piece on City Slaughterhouses


The Feedbag was not impressed with a Times story published this past weekend on New York’s urban slaughterhouses, saying it romanticized the unclean, unethical establishments.

Quoth the ‘Bag:

“These places are filthy, nightmarish hellholes, and the smell of them will linger with you for months. I used to go to them to show everybody what a next-level meathead I was, and then I saw the folly of my way. The meat that comes out of these places varies from nasty to tolerable, and you can only imagine what life is like for the animals there.”

The Times article cited Tom Mylan, who custom butchers animals for Marlow & Daughters, and lived near live-animal markets: “Although they may not share his obsession with animal welfare and organic feed, he views them as allies against the mass-market industry he calls ‘big meat.'”

So, should these city slaughterhouses be defended or are they just an example of locavorism gone wrong?