The Beastie Boys Preview New Record, Play Old Song, on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon


The big Beastie Boys news of the day is the name of their forthcoming album, Hot Sauce Committee, which they revealed last night on Jimmy Fallon’s show. But, as with everything else that happens on Fallon’s stupendously awkward set, the highlight was a musical one. The trio were coaxed into doing a rambling, loose take on “So What’cha Want” with the Roots. The Beastie Boys look various degrees of old and uncommitted, but in a good, street clothes kind of way. Performances like this one are surely the dawn of a boomer age for ’80s babies: watching two acts we grew up to make a song like “So What’cha Want” sound as inevitable as “Whole Lotta Love” is the end of long arc for both us and them. Where once the Beasties shamelessly pillaged Zeppelin, now they basically are Zeppelin. We’re not at all mad at that. [h/t Pitchfork]