When Dummos Misuse The “Free Speech” Argument


Nose-picking cretins love to yell “Free speech!” to shout you down whenever you object to the remarks of, say, a bible thumping ingrate like Carrie Prejean. (Sorry to bring that thing up again. It’s just a handy example to use here.)

What these slugs don’t seem to realize is that we KNOW it’s Prejean’s free speech right to say what she wants, especially since she was asked! I totally support her right to speak her mind and spout her opinions, no matter how misguided and badly researched they are. But the SAME free speech protection in this country allows us to voice our outrage back at her and tell her she’s a hypocritical, half-naked fool!

And when throngs of slow-school types take to the streets to scream against the right of consenting gay adults to marry, again, that’s totally their pigheaded prerogative. They have every right to embarass themselves by giving up a day’s work to instead spend it yelling for equal rights for some instead of for all, based on their own low-tolerance beliefs passed on personally from the lips of God.

But again, WE can then yell back: “Why are you people so narrow minded? Why do you so willfully misread the bible? And why don’t you adhere to EVERY passage from it? Do you even own a copy? And why should your religion deprive me of my rights, especially since I don’t happen to believe in that religion? Have you ever heard of separation of church and state?”

Oh, I give up. I’m going to seize my right to be quiet and rest my vocal cords for a few seconds.