Anthony Weiner Op-Ed: He’s Rich, I Quit


Anthony Weiner explains why he’s not running for mayor in a Times op-ed. We will boil it down for you: Bloomberg is too rich to beat, and Weiner already has a job. These are good reasons. In the padding, Weiner represents himself as a scrappy Brooklyn lad; we especially enjoyed his opening, “I was the kind of New York kid who played stickball in the street, made pocket change working at the local bagel store and handed out leaflets on Election Day,” which had us hearing “The Sidewalks of New York” and seeing Officer Joe Bolton merrily twirling his nightstick.

Further in he advocates for campaign finance reform — which suggests that this will become a Democratic issue, as in the current Republican retrenchment we can expect even John McCain to turn against it — and offers to take a seat at the table when civic matters are discussed, nothwithstanding that no one is rushing to offer him one. Weiner also extends his support to William Thompson in his hopeless campaign for mayor.

We will miss Weiner’s participation, if only for the WeinerTV installments that will now, alas, never be made.