Bernie Kerik Indicted in D.C.


The “cockroaches” are after him again: Former Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik has been indicted in Washington for making false statements to the Bush White House when he was being vetted for Secretary of Homeland Security. That vetting, you may recall, was a debacle which not only revealed Kerik’s illegal nanny and contractor problems — promoted as the official reason for his de-consideration for the post — but also shady Kerik associations and his use of an apartment provided for Ground Zero workers as a place to conduct an affair with publisher Judith Regan.

Similar charges were originally brought against Kerik in White Plains, where he pleaded not guilty, but the judge in that case dismissed them for D.C. authorities to take up.

There are few regrets at cop board Thee Rant, whence the charming image above comes. “I am not the smartest man who ever lived,” says lawmanbrooklyn, “but I saw through this phony from the getgo.” “Rudy wasn’t fooled,” rejoins Elmo334. “He knew exactly what he was dealing with, a scammer and a weasel. It was like looking in the mirror!”