You’ll find few, if any, ray gun–sporting spokesmodels in skimpy latex costumes at the eighth annual Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Festival, where connoisseurs gather to pore over inventive new picto-fictions, colorful stapled pamphlets, mind-expanding animation, hand-crafted original artworks, and other examples of the increasingly arcane, but culturally ever more valuable, printed arts. The MoCCA fest’s move from the Puck Building to the 69th Regiment Armory makes room for a hundred more exhibitors, especially of the small- and self-published variety. The weekend’s panels will pay homage to Jack “the King” Kirby, kick the ashes of Harvey Kurtzman’s short-lived Humbug humor magazine, celebrate the twisted genius of Fletcher Hanks, unspool “animation from Hell,” and feature conversations with artists Adrian Tomine, Seth, Gary Panter, Frank Santoro, Jerry Robinson, Arnold Roth, and Al Jaffee.

Sat., June 6, 11 a.m.; Sun., June 7, 11 a.m., 2009