Is Lady Gaga The New Madonna?


Remember when Madonna joined the Britney bandwagon, championing her greatness and even duetting with the new star to signal the fact that she might become the new Madonna, so it was best to quickly embellish her with the old Madonna?

But now, it turns out that Lady Gaga is way more Madonna-like than Britney ever was. The girl is much more of a player in her own image-making and seems like the visually avant-garde chameleon type that Britney, who simply synchs and swivels as she’s told, is not overly interested in being. And naturally, Madonna has already put her stamp of approval on Gaga, going to her concert with the boy toy and the daughter, whose ipod she clearly raided to find out about this new phenomenon of artsy commercialism.

Madonna’s no dummy–and if Gaga turns out to be just a two-hit wonder, Madge will simply move on to the next emerging diva. But in the meantime, I give it a matter of minutes until we hear about a Madonna/Gaga duet. I’m not bluffin’ with my muffin!