Last Night: Japanther Played the Union Square Barnes & Noble. No Standing Allowed!!


Those corporate bookstores sure do have unimpeachably strict rules. So even when a punk-chaos nacho-supreme duo like Japanther are invited to lend a bit of loft-firetrap credibility to the beigey, branded environs of Upstairs at the Square, as they did last night, our on-site photog Rebecca Smeyne says it was “an orderly affair”: no Pratt grads sneaking gulps of King Cobra from their backpacks, no front-row pit, no crowd-surfing Katherine Lanpher. Apparently, there was some cursing, and drummer Ian Vanek shouted, “Fuck the Catholic Church” once, but it’s pretty tough to cause a ruckus when there’s No Standing Allowed. Alas. Still more daring for these guys to play here in this bland hideaway than it was last summer to rock the Williamsburg Bridge. Behold the man-book contrast below.