Market Watch–Plumcots


Weird-ass plumcots marching across my kitchen floor like army ants (click for the pure love of clicking)

Even so often a new fruit comes along, and everyone sits up and takes notice. New kid on the block, fruit-wise, is the plumcot, a cross of a plum and an apricot. The shiny skin looks more like a nectarine’s, the flesh is tarter and less grainy than an apricot, yet the plumcot looks more like a pointy apricot than anything else. According to Wikipedia, the fruit is known to fruit experts as the “interspecific plum.” Which sounds awfully nonspecific. Apparently, the fruits were first crossed by Luther Burbank, who then presumably nailed 39 of them to the greenhouse door. Find the plumcot (or maybe it’s really an aprium) at:

Citarella, 424 Sixth Avenue
Greenwich Village