Moi in a Gay Soap Opera?


That could actually happen, seeing as P.J. Brash, who’s written for soaps for years and has won an Emmy and several Writers Guild Awards, has concocted a script with me as the central character! I’d play a bitchy gossip columnist who’s basically hiding a lot of heart (a real stretch). My character must also be hiding a lot of cash because he happens to double as the owner of a local gay club, which allows for lots of scenes featuring half-clad gogo boys and hunky bartenders.

Throw in a black boyfriend and a gay nephew for me, as well as a best friend slash lesbian comic with a straight son, and a lesbo TV pundit whose girlfriend has a twin sapphic sister, and you’ve got a script that’s funny and dramatically compelling at the same time. Just like a real soap, but even gayer than that old queen from Pine Valley!

So come on, TV world, bite hard on this project. Make me the new Susan Lucci–but give me the Emmy a little sooner, OK?