Pix from Gazala Place


The superlative fried orata at Gazala Place, swatched with pure pickled garlic! (click to confirm)

This week, Counter Culture rides a camel into Gazala Place, perhaps the country’s only Druze restaurant. Familiar Middle Eastern food is part of the menu, but so are unfamiliar dishes like the fried orata with pickled garlic shown above. There’s also a salad of the smoked green wheat grains known as phreak. Other delicious dishes abound, including wonderful fluffy pastries filled with feta called bourekas. If you’re bored with the usual Middle Eastern fare, check out Gazala Place. The thin whole-wheat pitas alone make it worth the visit. Down with cardboard pocket pitas!

to gawk at the phreak, make the jump

Frekasai is a composed salad of the smoked green wheat called phreak, and this summer fave comes accompanied with a garlicked yogurt-and-cucumber soup.

Boureka is a flaky pastry filled with various combinations of feta, sundried tomatoes, and spinach. Those are sexy black sesame seeds on the top.