Quick Hits – 5/27/2009


Twitpic by bethofalltrades.

We love Staten Island. These stories appear in today’s Staten Island Advance: a 20-year-old who “opened fire” with a .45 on his street, an 18-year-old who slashed his 14-year-old brother in a dispute over TV volume, and a young couple who took their baby out for a joyride in a stolen car. Not to mention the kid who shovel-smacked his dad over curfrew.

A small town in Montana has offered to imprison those Gitmo detainees America allegedly can’t hold. Moe Lane of RedState explains why this is good news for the Republican Party.

Poor Roland Burris (D., Ill.) didn’t know his bribe was being taped.

Conservatives commence their war on Sonia Sotomayor by willfully mispronouncing her name. That’ll show them Porter Rickans!

Glamour author says that when she’s feeling blue, she dresses slutty and walks past New York construction workers: “Think of it as ice cream for your self esteem.”

About time: “Extremely Hungary Festival Brings Hungarian Flavor to Summer in New York.” And forget goulash — today’s with-it Hunkies prefer “duck with plum-chutney filled pancakes.”