She played a princess and a family fuck-up, sang like an angel at the Oscars, and looked fabulous at the Obies. Now, Anne Hathaway is taking on Shakespeare in the Public’s Twelfth Night. The comedy involving mistaken gender identity is like the Yentl of the 1600s. When Viola (played by Hathaway) and her twin brother are shipwrecked and separated, Viola disguises herself as a boy, falls in love with her new BFF Duke Orsino, and unintentionally woos the Duke’s own intended, Lady Olivia. But before it gets too homo-happy in Illyria, know that the truth is the only thing to come out in this classic.

Tuesdays-Sundays, 8 p.m. Starts: June 10. Continues through July 12, 2009