A Cookoff With Balls


Is it just us or is everyone tasting testicles lately?

If you’re a fan of balls, you might want to get yourself to Serbia this summer. The World Testicle & Aphrodisiac Cooking Championship will be held in August in Gornji Milanovac. The event is meant to promote “testicle specialities [sic] as well as Serbian traditional cuisine.”

Chef Ljubomir R. Erovic, of The Testicle Cookbook: Cooking With Balls fame, came up with the idea after unwittingly eating a plate of testicle goulash, which he claims caused him to become sexually aroused and energized.

Quoth Erovic:

“I had never experienced anything like that before… I suddenly realized that it could be a great way to help the sexually troubled ones and through the cooking contests discover the strongest aphrodisiac to conquer the world. The way to better sexual life through food and not drugs is the idea that keeps running through my mind.”

If you happen to be a testicle virgin, Erovic suggests being introduced to the organ through his Erovic Style Goulash with Stallion or Bulls Testicles: “This is because Stallion and Bulls testicles are the tastiest,” he says.

Or should we say testiest.

[via The Food Section]