Anti-Gay-Marriage Media Blitz in New York


The National Organization for Marriage, a ferocious opponent of gay marriage, is bringing its message to New York City. They say they have ads “running on New York’s Times Square electric marquee,” and “some people in New York State have said they’ve received robocalls from NOM,” reports NGblog. And they’re playing the TV ad above here and in Albany, leaning heavily on presumed support from African-Americans, with more images of black folks than one is accustomed to seeing in rightwing advertising, and a voiceover by an Al Freeman Jr. sound-alike telling us over scary music that “Massachusetts schools teach second graders that boys can marry other boys!” and that if godless liberals have their way, “the rights of people who believe marriage means a man and a woman will no longer matter,” much in the same way the existence of hamburger deprives vegetarians of their rights, or the existence of this ad deprives us of our right not to be hectored by yokels when we’re watching TV.