Cab-Sharing Plan Approved


That cab-sharing thing went through, and now the last respite some of us had from the forced intimacy of Manhattan has been screwed up — either by a coming paucity of non-“sharing” cabs, as drivers rush to fill their seats, or by our guilt over taking a solo when the cheaper four-wheel-subway version is available.

By TLC agreement, some cabs will be tagged for sharing; these will display the first rider’s destination, and be equipped to calculate double fares — 50 percent of the real fare for each rider, after the initial charge, which will remain the same for both/all. There’ll also be dedicated shareable cabs at major hubs like Grand Central, where you can pile in with plenty of company, just like they do in Mexico City, and pay a set fare for a specific dropoff.

Crain’s New York Business, NY1, and New York magazine ask readers how they feel about the plan, with a fairly even split, and some rationales (“my luck I’ll end up in a cab with, ‘that drunk girl’ who pukes all over my shoes. Or worse, I’ll be ‘that drunk girl’…”).