Costco to Start Accepting Food Stamps; Cheese Crowned Stinkiest In Britain


After pressure from several city government leaders, Costco will start accepting food stamps in two of its New York stores, located in Astoria and Sunset Park. If all goes well, it will expand the program to all New York stores, including a new one planned for East Harlem.
[NY Times]

Get ready for a rash of moms across the country to start making their own baby food now that 90210 alum Tori Spelling says she loves to make her 11-month-old’s food at home. “People are probably like, ‘Tori Spelling doesn’t do that. She probably has someone that cooks for her,'” says the actress in a recent MySpace video. “No, actually I don’t.” Do tell!

McDonald’s plans to have 1,300 McCafe locations open in Europe within the next few years. Starbucks, now a Mickey D’s competitor, has been beaten by the Golden Arches in the U.S., and while Starbucks has tried to lower its prices to keep up, the coffee chain isn’t expected to fare any better overseas.

The stinkiest cheese in Britain is apparently called the Stinking Bishop. It was voted most pungent cheese in the UK at Britain’s Smelliest Cheese Championships after judges said it smelled “like a rugby club changing room.”

And in fake news… The Onion reports that KFC is no longer allowed to refer to its Boneless Variety Bucket of chicken as food. “The [FCC] fined the fast food giant $600,000 and ordered it to discontinue all broadcasts containing ‘false and misleading suggestions’ that its heated chicken products are intended for consumption.”