Five Questions for Sweden’s Those Dancing Days, 2009’s Most Adorable All-Female Alt-Pop Quintet


The sugary alt-pop quintet Those Dancing Days, an all-female band hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, named themselves after Led Zeppelin’s “Dancing Days” and formed four years ago while in high school. The cute quintet–Cissi Efraimsson (drums) Rebecka Rolfart (guitar), Lisa Pyk Wirstrom (keybords), Mimmi Evrell (bass), and singer Linnea Jonsson– are already something close to stars in their native country, and prime candidates for an Urban Outfitters catalog stateside, if anyone here actually knew about them. The band is in town right now, remedying our ignorance: During their first New York at Mercury Lounge, on Tuesday, Rolfart suffered an instrument malfunction when her “guitar broke.” After a drum solo and Jonsson’s cry for help–“is there a guitar doctor?”–the band continued on, playing songs from their debut, In Our Space Hero Suits, which came out last year on Wichita Recordings. At Mercury, they had grown, bearded men dancing. Jonsson took a time out on the eve of New York show number two–at Union Hall tonight–to discuss the band’s new existence as a touring outfit, the obstacles of the life on the road, and what’s it’s like to be underage in rock clubs from coast to coast.

Aside from the guitar going bust on stage, what did you think of your first show in New York?

It was great! Good audience and good vibe. It was a perfect first start in New York. It really made me look forward to the next show in Brooklyn.

There were a ton of guys at your show last night. Do you guys have male groupies?

I wouldn’t call them groupies. I would call them fans.

Are you annoyed by the fact that everyone’s drinking at your shows and you can’t?

Drinking isn’t the worst thing about it. More that you are sometimes being treated like shit. The LA show for example, we weren’t allowed to go to the restroom on our own–a security guard had to follow us there. Just to make sure we wouldn’t drink. We usually don’t drink before the show, but of course it’s nice to drink after.

You guys did a pretty awesome cover of Britney Spears’ “Toxic” at Mercury. Are you thinking of doing any other covers?

No, we know a few other songs but “Toxic” is our favorite so we will probably play it at the Brooklyn show.

What the toughest thing about being an all-girl band and on tour?

Menstrual pain.

Those Dancing Days play Union Hall tonight, 8pm, 702 Union Street, $8. Tickets are still available here.

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