Fucked Up’s Pink Eyes To Play Hulking, Left-Wing Pundit on Ridiculous Fox News Show


So maybe the news that Fucked Up’s Pink Eyes, a/k/a Damian Abraham, is now on a regular contract* with Fox News (albeit with Red Eye, a program that pretty much makes its living on awkward late night flameouts) isn’t that surprising: the guy was totally great both times the show had him on. Abraham just signed, apparently, to a deal* that would have him on the show a few times a month, in the role of liberal pundit. A very well reported Canadian News item highlights both the inner turmoil Pink Eyes felt when offered the job–“It’s one of those things where do you take this ridiculous opportunity as it’s presented to you, or do you avoid it and just continue on with your life?” Abraham asks himself, existentially, at one point–and the silver lining for left-leaning wimps everywhere:

    Abraham, who says Fox wants him to make at least one appearance per month and perhaps as many as three, says producers hoped to make him a gender expert because he majored in women’s studies in university.

“I pointed out that there’d probably be something problematic in having a white male be an expert on gender issues,” he said.

So the self-described moderate will instead be a general leftist pundit, his hulking physical presence providing a stark contrast to the usually meek commentators the network brings in to argue from the left.

Abraham adds that Fox News is a network that he is “definitely not a fan of, in any capacity really,” which may well be the most courageous quote anybody’s ever given about their new employer* in the article announcing the hire. He also characterizes the Red Eye host who got him hired as ignorant. This should be fun for the short time this arrangement is sure to last.

*Update. Damian responds, noting that characterizing this whole thing as anything more than an informal conversation is probably overstating it: “At this point it’s more of an open ended invitation to appear on the show as a pundit but nothing’s been formalized at this point so it’s still up in the air,” he wrote, when we asked him for a clarification. So scratch that contract/deal/job language up top. Although we still completely co-sign this endeavor, should it end up really happening…

Pink Eyes takes punk wisdom to Fox News [The Canadian Press, via The Daily Swarm]