Has Obama Shafted The Gays?


Let’s stop hurling dismay at beauty pageant losers for a second, considering the fact that our own President seems to have left the gays out to float on a block of ice too. As we know, Obama used to be in favor of same-sex marriages, but then he changed that to a far more politically expedient middle-of-the-road stance, shifting his true feelings on the road to ambition.

Meanwhile, he can’t exactly denounce the California Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Proposition 8, seeing as he’s now conveniently anti gay marriage himself, so he’s staying mum about it.

And he doesn’t seem all that willing to reconsider the absurd “Don’t ask, don’t tell” premise that still haunts gays in the military, despite gay activists begging him to abolish it now.

As this Boston Globe editorial puts it, “On gay rights…Obama stands where it is politically smart to stand. He finds the politically sweet spot that placates the left and doesn’t alienate the middle.”

Just one problem–it’s not placating the left anymore!