Incredibly Cheap Eats–Chinese-Style Ham and Egg Sandwich


The Xing Long Coffee Shop Inc is on a stretch of Fourth Avenue in Brooklyn that’s more Latin than Chinese. Nevertheless, the scrappy little coffee shop is often packed with working men scarfing down the ultra-cheap lunch special: rice and three sides from a small steam table for $3.25. There are also Chinese coffee shop-style pastries: egg tarts, jelly rolls, and so on, as well as sandwiches. It’s no bo lo bao, but this ham and egg sandwich, napped with plenty of mayo, with superfluous bits of lettuce, on a sweet sesame bun, is kind of awesome, in a bad-for-you sort of way. Plus it’s $2, and I promise you that you won’t want to eat for a week after downing one of these. Squirt on the Sriracha.

Xing Long Coffee Shop, 994 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-369-0822‎