News Roundup: Phil Specter, Depeche Mode, Chris Brown, Kanye West


–Another day, another Phil-Specter-is-screwed story: Specter is seeking a reduced prison term. A lawyer for the legendary, hair-experimenting producer is asking for his sentencing enhancement for use of a gun to be reduced from four years to three. His murder conviction for killing ’80s actress Lana Clarkson still stands, which mandates 15 years in prison. Yeah, he’s still screwed.

–Good news for Depeche Mode fans: singer Dave Gahan successfully underwent surgery to remove a tumor from his bladder. Medical tests revealed “low-grade malignant tumor” after Gahan suffered a severe case of gastroenteritis before a May 12 show in Athens, Greece. He is under doctor’s orders to rest for now, but the band returns June 8th with a show in Leipzig, Germany. The band is working on rescheduling postponed shows, though some will be canceled altogether.

–Chris Brown decided to come out of hiding. Brown, facing two felony charges for allegedly assaulting Rihanna in February, appeared on Bow Wow’s “JustinTV” site. He hyped his upcoming album, Graffiti, decried bloggers, and said, “All my real fans, I love y’all. I ain’t a monster.” Well, we’re convinced. In other news, the rapper is being sued by a photographer for bodyguard assault.

–Speaking of Rihanna, she’s the star of Kanye West’s new “Paranoid” video. It begins with her tossing and turning in bed in a black corset. Then she dances in a tight white dress. Rihanna totally won.