So Here’s What Happens When Alt-Weeklies Start Outsourcing Their Phoners With the Guy Who Plays Trumpet for Cake to India


Admit it, you were curious. The New Haven Advocate has weighed in on the whole journalism-is-dead phenomenon by outsourcing the vast majority of its latest issue to freelancers in India. (That’s their manifesto — stick around for the first, bitchy comment that ends “Slumdog Journalism, indeed: like when Jamal falls into the vat of excrement and discovers the New Haven Advocate.” I’m guessing that was written by an American.)

Anyway, this includes their music coverage. Thus we get an incisive profile of a Grateful Dead tribute band, along with a couple pieces from up-and-comer Shreya Sanghani, including a brave dip into New Haven’s metal scene. (“Age Against the Machine is a Rage Against the Machine tribute band that formed in 1984!”) And best of all, Vijayalaxmi Hegde interviews trumpeter Vince DiFiore, he of Cake, who are totally underrated, but let’s save that for another time. Conclusion: “As long as this do-it-yourself urge remains intact, all’s well with Cake, and it shall continue to be craved for.” The fact that it’s not really that different is what makes this so remarkable. And also, terrifying.