Tequila Can Be Made Naturally, Too. Who Knew?


As you may well know, we at Fork in the Road are fans of wines made using naturally occurring yeasts and as few additives as possible. And so weren’t we pleasantly surprised when we discovered you could get the hard stuff made naturally, too.

At a recent trip back to Mayahuel, Philip Ward introduced us to two delicious tequilas that are fermented using naturally occurring yeast instead of the commercially patented kind. El Tesoro and Siete Leguas are two distilleries that have eschewed the common practice of buying yeast and, instead, allow the microflora in the open air to interact with the agave juice all on their own.

We tasted a rich yet mellow Siete Leguas Reposado that went down like a smooth whiskey. The straw-colored liquid was smoky with notes of fruit and spice. We especially liked that it was served in a pretty wine glass, which is how we’re going to drink all our spirits from now on.