Your Moment of Bloomberg Prickishness


At a press conference today about some damned thing — oh yeah, how the city will spend $32 million in stimulus funds to train 10,000 workers — the Observer’s Azi Paybarah asked the mayor a smart question: if the mayor is “reasonably optimistic that we’ve turned the corner” on the recession, as he said at the press conference, then was Bloomberg’s “rationale for changing term limits” — that is, that the financial crisis required him as “a businessman with expertise in business and finance” to run again — no longer an operative reason for his candidacy?

You can see the mayor being a prick about it above. The Times adds that after the camera stopped rolling, Bloomberg told Paybarah, “You are a disgrace.”* Will no one free us from this tyrant?

*Update: A reader tells us you can hear Bloomberg say “You are a disgrace” at the end of the video. On review, though it’s buried by the applause of his toadies, we think that’s what he’s saying — or it might be, “you will be maced” or “you will be erased.”