Brooklyn Summer Treats at Savarese Bakery


Savarese Bakery lies under the D tracks in Boro Park (thanks, Jesse!), Brooklyn, and has done so for a long, long time.

According to its website, Savarese was founded by the Savarese family from Naples, Italy in 1918. The current owners, Mario and Cathy Giura, purchased it in 1962. Even among the best Italian-American pasticcerias of Brooklyn, the superior quality of their breads, pastries, and gelatos shines.

Savarese’s cannoli gelato comes as a delicious shock, dappled with chocolate chips and tidbits of candied fruit.

The pastries beloved of Italian-Americans (and everyone else in the city) are available in their rich profusion at Savarese, but in the summer you may want to turn your attention to the excellent ices and gelatos (click for complete list of flavors). Sure, you can get the usual cantaloupe, lemon, and cherry, but much more interesting are the flavors based, not on fruits, nuts, and chocolate, but on pastries, making an odd meta-commentary on Italian sweets.

Foremost is the cannoli gelato, creamy and rich, with irregular bumps in the road provided by chocolate chips and fruit. The creaminess is supplied by ricottta cheese, making this a species of ricotta ice cream. Other strange flavors include zuppa iglese (“English soup”), a flavor based on a liqueur-soaked sponge cake famous in Naples, and tiramisu.

5942 New Utrecht Avenue
Boro Park, Brooklyn