Cheek, in Review: 7 Days of Runnin’ Scared


Twitpic by limespark.

Thanks to Memorial Day it was a short week, but seemed as eventful as a full one. Why is it always like that? The weekend was full of excitement, with a weak-ass Coney “festival” and a bombed Starbucks. Times Square went carless, pissing off Andrea Peyser.

President Obama unleashed Sonia Sotomayor, savior of baseball (or was she?). Tom Robbins looked at her past.

Governor Paterson suffered the usual crappy poll results. And he lost his Bottle Bill.

Mayor Bloomberg said Viva Sotomayor! (and, Wayne Barrett found, tried to take credit for her nomination). He bought up more of Willets Point and got ready to seize the remainder. He lost Anthony Weiner as an opponent (Tom Robbins listened to his excuses) and pushed to get back the film and TV tax credit. Albany looked at taking away his control of the schools; Bloomberg looked at Azi Paybarah and called him a disgrace. He was much more cautious in his remarks on last night’s police shooting, Graham Rayman noted.

We told rightbloggers how we thought they were, and in comments they told us how they thought we were. A good time was had by all.

Someone got murdered in Woodhaven, Parkchester (updated), and Gun Hill Road. SGM followed up on a lover’s quarrel gone murderous.

There was a second swine flu death, then two more. Wal-Mart got fined $7,000 for that guy who was trampled to death in their Valley Stream store. Michael Mineo sued the NYPD for his alleged sodomization. Emily Brady caught a Children’s Services worker playing hooky. Elizabeth Dwoskin studied a big counterfeiting ring. The New York Times explored teen hugging. Marine Park parents heckled a charter school. Al Sharpton returned campaign contributions (essentially to himself, Jana Kasperkevic found).

Allen Barra watched the Giants’ David Diehl do stand-up (actually sit-down, but still funny!) and read Zef Chafets‘ baseball book.

Tribeca dummies made a big move.

Crap reigned with “Science for Christian Schools” and a racy ’50s celebrity-stalking mag.

Prop 8 was affirmed by the Cali Supreme Court, and protested by many New Yorkers (including Michael Feingold!). Anti-marriage crusaders struck back with an ad campaign designed to break our will.

The MTA asked that careless riders be prevented from suing them. Cab riders were asked to share.

Manhattan rents fell — as always, insufficiently. Staten Island rocked with shovel-bashing and other exotic crimes, and rescued a cat; we suggested ways to bring them more tourists.

Rudolph Giuliani brought charges against an old man who yelled at him, Bernie Kerik got indicted, Hiram Monserrate might get off, Bronx tenants got screwed.

RIP Matthew Smolowich, Officer Omar J. Edwards, and this week.