Craigslist CEO Denounces Village Voice Media; Herewith a Reply




Craigslist has been under the guns of various attorneys general for the web service’s spicier ads, and in a two-pronged strategy has on one hand acquiesced by dropping its Erotic Services category for a moderated Adult Services one, and on the other fought back with a somewhat successful South Carolina lawsuit and verbal self-defense.

In general they have reacted commendably, or at least understandably under the circumstances. But at his craigslist blog CEO Jim Buckmaster recently sought to divert legal attention to Village Voice Media, citing several ads handed by the chain (e.g. “I am a nasty freaky girl who loves sucking cock”) which he said “contain more explicit content than you will find in all craigslist adult service ads combined,” and suggested that politicians ignored these outrages out of “the need for positive coverage and campaign endorsements from said media.”

The home office has responded that VVM is hardly a reliable source of succor for politicians, which our own pages daily show; though we generally enjoy the ass-kicking style of our own AG, we can hardly be said to have given him a free pass. On the matter of his persecution of sexy advertising especially, we continue to hold his feet to the fire, so to speak.

The internet remains at this writing a vast adult playground well-stocked with exciting phallus rides and poon pools, and people seem to have no trouble finding gratification without us. We both accept and encourage this as the price of a free society. In fact, we have given one of the many competing fetish vendors out there some play by reproducing the video. You’re all adults, presumably, and can handle it.